Legend Specifications

Legend Fountain Specs

Pattern Height: Adjustable from 2.5 ft to 11 ft max depending on fountain head used and height chosen
Maximum Pattern Diameter: 16'
Minimum Recommended Pool Diameter: 8'
RF remote range: 150 ft max
Auto Shutoff Timer: 1-8 hours
Selectable Fountain Head Outlets: 3
Selectable Light Colors: 4
Fountain Voltage: 15.8 Volts/DC to floating fountain
Power Consumption: 120/240 v Ac 50/60 Hz 4.5/2.6 amps
Safety Interlocks: Low voltage, Ice blockage, Power overload
Product Size: 15" diameter, height 14.8", height w/tallest fountain heads: 28"
Maximum Cable Length (inside pool) 12'feet (Cut to required length of your application)
Maximum Cable Length (outside pool) 14'feet (Cut to required length of your application)
Package Size (box 1): 18" x 20" x 22"
Pkg Weight (box 1): 45 pounds
Limited Warranty: 12 months
Part Number: MF102-90100
UPC #: 8 55947 00100 5